Thursday, February 18, 2010

My current "work"

I just thought that I would quickly post a picture of Lettie, the little baby that I have been watching since the end of September. When she started she was only 8 weeks old. She is the sweetest thing ever. She will only come until around Easter time. Her mom brings her to me because she didn't want her around other young children until she was older and rsv season was done for the year. She has an older brother who goes to a different childcare provider. It has been so fun to watch her and I have really become quite attached!! Our whole family just loves her.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I don't think anyone ever checks my blog anymore because it has been forever since I updated it!

So much has happened, I think I will just start going on from here forward! We just celebrated Abigail's birthday last sunday. Holy Hannah!!!! I am a mother to a teenager!!! :) That seems very strange to me. On thursday all four of the kids, each with a friend (from the same family--the Duffin's) went ice-skating to celebrate Abby's birthday. Afterward we came back to the house and they all had pizza and breaksticks. I think they all had a good time...since it was a school night we had to wrap things up around 9:30.

Can I just say that I LOVE valentines? I am excited to do a few fun things for the holiday. I have most of my decorations up.

I also got a new microwave this week. We have put up with one row of numbers not working, a broken handle (danny fixed), and a burnt spot on the mesh window (from Trevor reheating an arby sandwich :) ), and not heating properly for quite a while. When Danny cooked popcorn for 5 minutes and the bag was still not completely inflated we knew it was time!! Anyway...we were all so astouded when we cooked popcorn (yes we all quite like popcorn) and the bag was bursting full!! It was quite funny. Now that we have one that works right we can really see how bad the other one was.

I will try to add pictures later

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chloe's 1st day of preschool --sept.

Could that be my youngest daughter looking so grown up? Chloe was soooo excited that today was her first day of pre-school! As soon as Colter left for school she kept asking me how much longer? She has afternoon preschool, so I knew I had to think of something to entertain her. First of all we got out her project that she was suppose to take with her for her first day. We decided to add a couple of things to it, so we needed to run to a couple of stores for what we needed. We also stopped at Kohl's hoping that they would have a hello kitty backback which is what she wanted. As luck would have it they had 1 left! It was also on clearance so that was a bonus for me! We also found her outfit that she has on, so she was doubly excited about that! Who can pass up an outfit with horses on it for a horse lover? As we were getting settled in the van to drive off from Kohl's I heard Chloe sigh happily and then say excitedly, "My braaaand-newwwww backpack!" That of course made me smile! It was so cute! Once back at home we finnished her project and she put on her new clothes. She at lunch, and we had time for pictures and then much to Chloe's delight it was finally time for pre-school! When I picked her up she had a fabulous time. She loves it! She had to tell us all about it.

Here are a couple of pictures of her posing with her "Brand-new backpack!"

I love this cute face.....I wish kids stayed young longer......

Friday, September 11, 2009

First Day of School--Aug. 20th

Well, the kids are back in school! It is bittersweet for me, because on one hand I am glad because of the times when they are not getting along, but on the other hand we really do have good times and a lot of fun all being together! All the kids were excited for school to start but also apprehensive. Here are Abby and Trevor, they were the first to leave bright and early in the morning!

I had to take a close up to replace the closeup I took of them last year that I have in the living room. Every other year these two get to go to the same school. Funny kiddos! :)

Colter was the next to leave. He started at a new school this year so he was nervous! We attended back to school night the night before to find his class and meet the teacher. That helped with the first day jitters!
Colter is such a cutie....I asked if it was okay for me to take his picture at his desk and he said sure! I wasn't sure if he would be embarrassed. I was so glad!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

August 17th--Colter's birthday!


Colter with his treasure chest cake
(I'm a little behind on the the ol' blog) All morning long Colter kept wondering when we were going to celebrate his birthday. He finally my birthday just going to be presents and eating out somewhere? I laughed, and asked what he wanted to do. :) Colter picked A&W for his lunch and we also took two friends (London and his sister Kaitlin Abby's friend) with us. When we got home they all jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath it, and then he opened his presents. As a special treat he also got to have his friend London (and Kaitlin) sleepover. He was so excited! At the first part of the next week I took Colter and London to the fun park and they were going to play laser tag and play the games (similar to chuckie cheese). No other kids came while we were there to play laser tag, so they did the soft play instead. We all had a slice of pizza also while we were there. They both had a GREAT time! It was so fun to watch them.

I can't believe my sweet boy is 9!!

Colter LOVES legos!! Fun on the trampoline

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Chloe is 5!!

Wow! I can't believe that Chloe is already 5 years old! She has been so excited for her birthday and counting down the days. She changed her mind a few times of what she wanted for her birthday, and how she wanted to celebrate. She told me "Mom, I am going to wake you up on my birthday." I said, "you are?" Chloe "Yes! I don't want to miss it!!" It has been really fun watching her be so excited.

When she woke up, right away she wanted to know where her balloons were. Oooops! I didn't have time to get them because Colter had a dr. appointment at 8:45. After the dr. appointment we went to pick up the cake. OOOooops again! I had left my wallet out of my purse! So back to Smithfield! Chloe picked up my wallet and handed it to me and hurried and called my neighbor about getting together for Chloe's bday. Drove back to Logan, look in purse--no wallet! Back to Smithfield AGAIN, can't find my wallet in the house. Our neighbor Caroline came over with a card for Chloe and as I was talking to her in the driveway I look over and there is my wallet sitting on the passenger's seat in the van. Great. Third time's the charm....I drove back to Logan got all we needed and headed back home.

After we quickly ate lunch we (Abby, Chloe and I) all loaded in the van with Chloe's friends Lizzy, and London, and their mom Melissa (our neighbors). We planned to go down to build-a-bear to celebrate Chloe's birthday. I thought there was one in Ogden, but I didn't know the address, so I had Melissa call on the cell phone to find out. Surprise!! There is only one in SLC and Orem. With the girls all excited, of course we had to drive to SLC! When we were finding our parking spot they started chanting....Build-a-Bear! Build-a-Bear!! The excitement was building! They had a blast!! It was so fun to watch them! :)

Here they are rubbing their animals heart on theirs so it can love.

Here is Chloe at the washing station, before you go dress your animal.

This is Chloe's friend Lizzy. Chloe and Lizzy picked the same animal to stuff :)

Here are the girls with their finnished animals!

Here are all the girls (minus Abigail) heading out after their big day of shopping at Build-a-Bear!

Chloe picked Sonic drive-in for her birthday dinner. She wanted grilled cheese and to eat outside.

We got home too late to go to eat with Danny, so we postponed that and the cake until thursday. Chloe didn't seem to mind having her birthday last for two days! :)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


This past week-end while I was at Women's conference Danny had all the kids up at island park. Trevor and his cousin were riding motorbikes, and Abby was behind them following on the fourwheeler. Apparantley she was going too fast to try and catch up with the boys and she lost control and crashed! At first she didn't tell Danny, and she texted me. I called a little while later after I got the text and pics she sent me. Yikes!! I was so worried! She couldn't remember what happened (not good) and she said "when I opened my eyes I was laying on the ground and my head was against the tree. She did remember her head hitting the tree really hard. Also later, when she couldn't find her shoes to go to the rodeo, she realized she flew out of them in the wreck! She had the accident around 11:00 am and Danny headed back home around 8:00 pm. On his way home he called and asked if he should, or if I wanted him to take her to the ER. I couldn't decide and had to conference with my mom and friend. We all decided that yes it would be a good idea. When he got back to Smithfield, he headed in the the ER. They checked her over really well and she had a cat scan. She has a concussion. With a helmet on! I am SOOOO grateful that she had the helmet on. I thanked Danny's cousin whose cabin they were staying in for making sure they wear helmets when they go out. I hate to think how it could have turned out if she hadn't worn the helmet. I had to say a prayer of thanks. She is dong well....she was real subdued the first while.